Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world's second-largest country by total area. Its southern border with the United States, stretching some 8,891 kilometres, is the world's longest bi-national land border. Canada's capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

As a whole, Canada is sparsely populated, the majority of its land area being dominated by forest and tundra. Its population is highly urbanized, with over 80 per cent of its inhabitants concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, and 70 per cent residing within 100 kilometres of the southern border. Canada's climate varies widely across its vast area, ranging from arctic weather in the north to hot summers in the southern regions, with four distinct seasons.

The second-largest country in the world, Canada has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique sites for travellers to explore. From coast to coast to coast, the country is home to vibrant and culturally rich cities, along with incredible natural wonders.

In Western Canada, the Rocky Mountains and cities of Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary dominate most itineraries. In Central Canada, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City, are some of the most popular destinations. For those who venture out to Canada's Maritime Provinces in the east, the beauty of Gros Morne National Park, along with the cities of Halifax and St. John's, provide their own unique character.

Off the beaten path, but equally impressive, is Canada's North, where great rivers flow out to the Arctic Ocean, creating some incredible territory for canoeists, and where polar bears can be seen in the wild. Travellers can explore the remote beauty of places like Nahanni National Park and the towns and cities of Churchill, Whitehorse, and Yellowknife.


  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park & the Rocky Mountains
  • Torontos CN Tower
  • Old Quebec
  • Whistler
  • Ottawas Parliament Hill
  • St. Johns Signal Hill National Historic Site
  • Old Montreal
  • Polar Bears of Churchill
  • Vancouver Island
  • Bay of Fundy
  • Victorias Inner Harbour
  • Gros Morne National Park
  • Vancouvers Stanley Park
  • Calgary Stampede

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