About Us

ereisen ag is a Destination Expert and Travel Company. Our Network extends to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Europe, Croatia, Russia, East Africa, Egypt, Bhutan, Indochina, CIS Regions including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Oceania.

Who We Are

ereisen ag is founded with the idea of offering complete Destination Expertise and Manage all Global Destinations and also to Introduce the new emerging Destinations. The company provides for every travel-related aspect at the respective Destination. We offer local on-ground support, meals, tours, excursions, hotel accommodation and ground transportation across the globe under the single ereisen umbrella. We also cater to leisure travels, families and social groups as well as MICE.

Our Mission

Our focus is to promote emerging destinations which shall gain popularity in the next 3 to 5 years. We have Set-up a network of Offices that will offer seamless services to our trade partners and also we look forward to market these emerging destinations to the wide range of Tour Operators, Wholesalers, and Travel Agents PAN INDIA & International Markets.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading Destination Expert Company in India with a global network conglomerated under a single brand. “We Strive to Exceed Expectations” for both the Tour Operators and the Travelers. We also cater to the requirements of leisure or business traveler, individual or group traveler. Our product range is geared to suit budget or luxury travel. Our strengths will enhance your product offerings.


  1. Comprehensive understanding of Indian buyer behavior and meet his requirements
  2. Strong knowledge of the travel business
  3. One-Stop Travel Partner across the world.
  4. Largest networks of Tour Operators and Travel Agents across India

Manish Oza

Corporate and Financial business is headed by Mr. Manish Oza has more than 35 years of business development experience, providing overseas expansion, financing and consulting services to all firms great and small. He started his career in corporate consultation in 1984 with a specific focus towards what is now known as the European Economic Area (EEA).

As of 2019, he has extensive knowledge and diversified experience in offering a wide range of professional services to different types of enterprises/companies in the EEA, Greater Asia, and the Gulf states. With on-going success and rapid growth of his firm over many years, Manish’s consultation has expanded to cover a comprehensive range of services such as international corporate formation, banking, and financial setup, corporate tax referral services and business consulting in South-east Asia and Indian region.


Shahrookh Dumasia

Travel Business is headed by Mr. Shahrookh Dumasia who has a total travel experience of almost 19 years having traveled to 53 countries globally. During the period he has mastered the travel business its requirement by the travel partners and the traveler.

Apart from traveling with the groups of various sizes, he is an expert in planning, contracting, negotiating with suppliers like Hotels, Coach Companies, Land Operators, Restaurants, etc. He has extensive knowledge of MICE ( Meetings Incentives Corporates Exhibitions ) Business.


Joerg Limacher

Taxation, financial accounting, and reporting applied finance and management accounting is headed by Mr. Joerg Limacher. He has more than 30 years of experience in professional accountancy and is a Certified Fiduciary with Federal Diploma of Higher Education and a Trainer with Federal Diploma of Higher Education.

He has guided many international companies in Switzerland and also managed many cross-border transactions in the European market successfully. Joerg’s consultation has expanded to cover a comprehensive range of services such as international corporate formation, banking, and financial setup, corporate tax referral services and business consulting.

Head Of Administration

Priska Maria Mueller

The Back office is headed by Mrs. Priska Maria Mueller. She is very qualified and has more than 25 years of experience in administration. She has worked for many national and international companies in Switzerland and also managed back offices.

Priska Maria’s experience has expanded in different international industries in office administration, managing payment transactions, accounting and assistance to the management.

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